Garden Bee Pollination Hanging Mason Bee House Mason Bee Hive

Garden Bee Pollination Hanging Mason Bee House Mason Bee Hive

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Garden Bee Pollination Hanging Mason Bee House Mason Bee Hive



Bees and pollination - One of the important factors that bees do is pollinate plants to reproduce and many plants depend on these bees.

Mason Bees Vs Honey Bees  - Honeybees are very precise with less efficient pollination, they move from blossom to blossom usually on one single plant or tree. Mason bees tend to fly back and forth from tree to tree, they are very hairy and usually touch every part of the blossoms. They drop a lot more pollen the the honey bee.

People always wonder how to make a mason bee house but now you don't have too with this nature mason house. Some may even look for mason bees for sale but that is totally up to you. Help pollinate your garden with a Mason Bee House. What are mason bees ? Mason bees take their name from their bee habitat of making compartments of mud in their nests mason bee hive, which they make in hollow reed or holes in wood left by wood-boring insects. Do mason bees sting? They are non-aggressive and non-stinging bees. Outdoors Insect Hotel Bee Bug House/Hotel Orchard BeeblockBeekeeping Supplies  aprox: 6"W x 5-3/4"D x 10"H. Bamboo, metal and wood. Ready to hang.


  • Give them a home to attract, and they'll pollinate your plants
  • Teardrop shape with openings of various sizes
  • Details:
    • Aprox 6"W x 5-3/4"D x 10"H -13H
    • Bamboo, metal and wood








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