Garden Bird Watching Feeding Station Hanging Fly Through Bird Feeder

Garden Bird Watching Feeding Station Hanging Fly Through Bird Feeder

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Garden Bird Watching Feeding Station Hanging Fly Through Bird Feeder


How to attract birds to a feeder?   This hanging fly through bird feeder attracts a diversity of backyard birds including chickadees, cardinals, towhees, chickadees, finches, jays, redpolls sparrows, woodpeckers, goldfinch and many more.


Spend hours of garden birdwatch enjoyment outdoors even more with this Fly-Through Bird Feeder. Perfect for Wild Bird birdwatchers and bird lovers, it has 8 entryways for birds to come and go. the feeding stations will encourage many birds and giving you hours of fun bird watching enjoyment. Its mesh design makes it easy to feed from around the outside as well and makes watching more visible. The charming bird feeder has an overhanging roof that helps keep food dry while looking beautiful to any garden backyard or yard. Holds up to 2 lbs. of sunflower seeds. 6-3/4" sq. x 14-1/2"H. Metal. Ready to hang.


  • Overhanging roof keeps seeds dry, ready to hang from a tree
  • 2 Entry points on each side
  • Details:
    • 6-3/4" sq. x 14-1/2"H
    • Metal





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