Farmhouse Kitchen 3-Pc. Vegetable Storage & Organization Bags

Farmhouse Kitchen 3-Pc. Vegetable Storage & Organization Bags

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Storing Fruits and Veggies So They Last Longer by using stay fresh produce bags to ensure your fruits and vegetables stay fresh a lot longer. Storing them properly using these Veggie Storage Bags will make a big difference. 

Remember that store potatoes, onions and garlic in a cool dark areas in your home but do not store in a fridge because the temp gets to low. So where do you store them? With these 3-Pc. Farmhouse Vegetable Storage & Organization Produce Bags you will be sure to extend the shelf life of your food.

Each is labeled and features a dark lining that prevents exposure to light to help elongate the life of your produce for up to a month.  Use the Veggie bag to store everything you from peppers, bananas, peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, pears, and plumbs, and use the Potatoes and Onions bag to store the rest of your favorite fruits and vegetables.  A drawstring closure keeps the contents secure. Polyester and polyethylene. Imported.


  • Use with all your favorite fruits and vegetables
  • 3-Pc. set includes:
    • "Onions", 6-1/4" dia. x 8"H
    • "Potatoes", 7-1/4" dia. x 9"H
    • "Vegetables", 8-3/4" dia. x 9-3/4"H
  • Details:
    • Polyester and polyethylene


If you have a  rustic farmhouse kitchen or looking for farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget, this makes the perfect farmhouse kitchen decorating decor to add to your small farmhouse kitchen.


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